Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Magical Trio

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Two guys and one gal. So the two guys are of somewhat opposite temperaments, while the gal is either spunky or violent or both. Classic if not overused combination of character interactions...

(1) Naruto Team 7

(2) Samurai Champloo

(3) Black Cat

(4) Bloody Monday

(5) ... there should be more, but I don't remember/know of them...

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Detective drama locations

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They set the show and define the aura.

1. Numb3rs - Los Angeles

Somewhat serious and cynical, with a good dose of witty sarcasm and a dash of heartwarming sunshine. Before Larry's departure, it was also philosophical at times. World-renowned universities are located close enough to the area.

2. Monk - San Francisco

It's a comedy with neuroses. Usually gentle and mild. And with a certain... orderliness that is sometimes predictable and sometimes not.

3. Psych - Santa Barbara

Off-the-wall, upbeat, and unconventional detective protagonist. Good for a not-so-large sunny SoCal city.

4. Dexter - Miami

Hot, humid, visceral, seedy and cynical. Just right for the brilliant blood spatter analyst by day and psychopathic serial killer by night.

5. Lie to Me - Washington D.C.

The most bureaucratically dense area in the U.S. Where the human lie detector sets up his headquarter as well.

6. The Dresden Files - Chicago

The police-consultant-wizard in the Windy City with its corners of occult. And none of the associations of East Coast or West Coast cities.

7. White Collar (oh oh oh and CASTLE) - New York City

My new favorites! For the first one, think modern version of the duo from Catch Me If You Can. What better place than the cosmopolitan center of the U.S., with its best and worst? And for the second one, I wish Hulu would post more episodes!!

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